Consignment Frequently Asked Questions


*We have a secure, locked sales lot.

*All RV’s are kept locked and customers are escorted to RVs of their interest for purchase.

*The sales representative will answer any questions customers may have

*We do all your title work & handle payoffs when your RV is sold.

*We offer special financing sources on most RVs.

*Our financing sources can usually lower a customers RV payments and finance longer than a bank or credit union on any RV purchased from our sales lot.

*We can offer Extended Warranties and service agreements on most units.

*Your RV may be inspected by a qualified service technician to make sure that appliances are in working order prior to delivery to the new owner.

*Extended warranties are also available on most RVs on our sales lot.

*Find more prospective buyers when you consign.

*Thousands pass by our lot daily.

*We call prospective buyers on our preferred customer list.

*We advertise in various print publications, magazines, newspapers and internet websites.

*We list your RV on our website with color pictures.

*Buyers are escorted and we point out features of your RV or vehicle.

*No strangers come to your home. No more no shows.

*Don’t give up your free time. Let us work hard to sell your RV and save you time and money.

*We don’t make a cent if we don’t sell your RV.